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Travians is an online multiplayer, MMORPG game made by Travian games! This wiki is an unofficial wiki for the said game and is dedicated to all Travians players all over the world! You can communicate and socialize from people around the globe, decorate your own house, finish your own legacy, and have fun with others!


TRAVIANS is completely different with TRAVIAN. If you want to post Travian articles, I'm so sorry, it's not on this wiki. Travians is an online MMORPG game where you can control your avatar. While Travian is a browser game where you build your own town.

Come on! Join us on our adventure!

You can see walkthrough here. If you are not looking for walkthrough, then take a look at the Topics or Articles. If you wanted to report something, your can email or talk to the ADMINISTRATORS or BUREAUCRATS. Please read the RULES before posting or doing anything!


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